Nutrition and dietetics is a field of healthcare that focuses on the science of food, nutrition, and their impact on health and disease prevention. Registered dietitians (RDs) and nutritionists are professionals trained in nutrition science, who work in various settings to promote healthy eating habits, manage medical conditions, and improve overall well-being. Here are some key aspects of nutrition and dietetics:


 The Nutrition and Dietetics Department at Synergy Institute of Cancer Care and Research  conducts dietary consultation and provides nutrition therapy to patients with a variety of health conditions. They confer with other health care professionals to review patients’ clinical charts and develop nutritional plans to meet patients’ individual nutritional requirements. 

Function of Nutrition and Dietetics Department-

  • Provision and promotion of high quality nutritional care.
  • Nutrition screening and assessment.
  • Interpretation and implementation of diet prescription.
  • Provision of individual or group counseling to patient/s.


The Nutrition and Dietetics Services work with patients, healthcare staff and the general public to promote optimum nutrition. This includes:

  1. Individuals and groups who need to change their diet and related behavior to alleviate or cure a medical condition. 
  2. Individuals and groups who can prevent disease and ill health by changing their diet and related behavior.
  3. Work with the catering and nursing services to ensure that all patients are offered appropriate foods to meet their nutritional requirements, considering their medical condition, dietary and/ or cultural restrictions.


  1. Our Inpatient services are made up of dietitians who work within SICCR providing dietetic service to all wards. The service is available from Monday to Saturday , between 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. If the health care team thinks you would benefit from seeing a dietitian, they will refer you directly. The patients we see have various types of nutritional problems/ requirements for example: Diabetes, High Caloric requirements for malnourished patients, critically ill patients requiring alternative feeding regiment such as enteral and parenteral nutrition as they are unable to feed themselves.                              
  2. We at SICCR use a range of assessment techniques to devise and review nutritional plans for patients. The aims of treatment are to improve nutritional status to aid recovery, or to control damaging biochemistry, e.g. in diabetes, renal disease.


  1. If you need a dietitian or the health care team requires you to visit a dietitian during consultation, you may be referred to the Nutritionist-Dietitian OPD.
  2. We also offer osteorized feeding demo for relatives of patients who are unable to feed themselves.