Hospital doctors examine patients so that they diagnose

Our Mission & Vision

Te Be A trust , people -centric intergrated healthcare system for global healthcare . 



To be the trusted choice as a regional destination for Cancer care and to eliminate fear of Cancer from people’s mind and make them realize that Cancer is indeed a curable disease.


We are a passionate team to provide comprehensive Cancer care treatment for all in a cost effective manner.

S-  Saviour-To put our best efforts in saving precious lives.
Y- Youthfully- To work in never tiring attitude.


N- Nirvana-To create a atmosphere of peace and complete happiness.
E- Excellence-To exceed the limits in accomplishments and expectations.
R- Respect-To recognize quality, worth and importance of others.


G- Gutsy- To feel brave and determined in any situation.
Y-Yours- Always yours

SSSHCI Excellence:-

Synergy Super specility  hospital & cancer Institute  is one of the trusted Cancer Institute located in one of the emerging and developing City of East UP also known as City of Baba Gorakshnath i.e Gorakhpur. The prime location of the city gives opportunity to serve a vast area of western parts of Bihar and Southern part of Nepal. To the thousands of cancer patients who visited Eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, the SICCR symbolizes hope that Cancer is Conquerable. The Cancer Care System at Synergy Institute of cancer Care and Research involves complete team of Oncology specialists as well as diagnostic consultants that offer comprehensive cancer care. Synergy Institute of Cancer Care and Research is a comprehensive Cancer Care Centre, complete with necessary and most modern diagnostic and treatment facilities under one roof. Being in the service sector, the Institute emphasizes the need to build a support with the patients through its dedicated services, quality of treatment, empathy, compassion and professionalism. The Institute provides facilities for all types of Cancer Surgery, Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Target Therapy, Hormonal Therapy including Day-Care, Palliative care and Pain clinics.

Meet Our Specialist

Dr Alok Tiwari

Surgical Oncology

Dr Saurabh Mishra

Medical Haemato onocologist

Dr Anjali Jain

Gynae Oncologist

Dr Ila Tiwari

OBGY, infertility specialist

Doctors Achievements

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